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The brand for smart people

Everyone needs a warm, comfortable, and healthy home for their family. When people think about affordability, however, they get nervous. Sometimes, a person can spend too much for too little comfort. New technology provides an opportunity for the ultimate in comfort at a lower cost.

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Floor Heating and Pipe Freeze Protection

IQWATT products provide you with economical, efficient products to preserve your personal comfort and property throughout the winter.

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January 1, 2015 is launch day for our company

We are proud and pleased to bring you new IQ products on the first day in 2015! Cheers! Our company invites you to turn over a new leaf, just as nature does, and add comfort and value to your home with improved indoor heating and indoor or outdoor pipe freeze protection. Start a new chapter in your life. Resolve to bring a hint of spring to your home, all winter long.

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