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Heating Cables 

Equal in "wow factor" as the IQ FLOOR MAT underfloor heating kit, the IQ FLOOR CABLE kit can be used for slightly more complex layouts.

  • The cable has an end seal, power cord and plug, but is attached to the floor with strapping rather than an adhesive mat. The strapping comes in a roll, and can be cut to the length of any room or space. The cable, which cannot be cut, spliced or altered in any way, is attached to the strapping, which is first laid down and fixed to the floor. When the starting point of the cable has been started, The cable starting place is chosen, and the cable placed in one continuous length, according to the installation instructions, until the area of the floor that is to be heated has easily-placed runs of the cable of choice.

  • After the IQ FLOOR CABLE has been installed and a certified electrician has begun the 'Commissioning' or electric resistance testing, the homeowner has the pleasure of installing his or her floor finishing materials.

  • A highly efficient IQ FLOOR CABLE system can be installed by literally hundreds of types, colours and patterns of flooring. When this has been done the electrician will carry out the last of the four resistance tests, turn on the system, affix labels to the appropriate circuit breakers in the electrical box, and leave you to enjoy your floor and the increased comfort of heating that uses nature's air currents. Forcing dust and other particles through the air in order to heat a space is not a choice that home owners have to make. Your IQ FLOOR CABLE, when installed as directed, will pay off in terms of enjoying the atmosphere and increasing the value of your home.


The IQ FLOOR CABLE system has a twenty-five (25) year limited warranty against defects in design, material or workmanship. IQWATT's confidence in the efficacy of its products is demonstrated by this warranty's length.