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Heating Mats

 Your first and easiest choice of a reliable and economical underfloor heating system is the IQ FLOOR MAT underfloor heating kit.

  • A mat with a heating cable, end seal, connector, power cord and plug is: layout, roll it out, and go. Your electrician will ensure that national, provincial or state, and local electrical codes are followed; that you have chosen the right voltage for your floor; that the four-part check for three types of electrical resistances, or "Commissioning", is carried out; and that the system is installed properly, as indicated in the Installation Manual. The electrician will also turn on the system for the first time when the Commissioning has indicated that the system will function.

  • The system is available in two voltages, 120 and 240. The product that you choose will depend in part on your flooring, as well as the area of the floor that is to be heated. If your subfloor is on a cold space you might consider adding insulation to the subfloor, in order to cut down on the amount of electricity you will use to provide your home with comfortable heating.

  • In terms of the choice or size of product that you need, the smaller product is always chosen. The heating cable that is attached to the mat cannot be cut or altered in any way. The cable can never be crossed over itself, and must be spaced 3" from another cable run. The mat may be cut away and detached from the cable if a tight space needs to be heated. For instance, in a small bathroom, there might be a limited space between a shower and a vanity. Detaching the cable from the mat, cutting away a small piece of the mat, and spacing the cable according to the manual instructions to fit the cable into the space and heat the space is easy. The cable, spaced at a minimum of 3" and kept away from walls, fills the space to be heated, and soon joins the mat again. The cable is kept intact never crossed over part of the cable.

  • After you follow instructions, and have a certified electrician to approve the installation, you will be amazed at the difference the IQ FLOOR MAT makes to your comfort. The decision to install this product may be deliberate or hasty, but the enjoyment, like a fine wine, increases over time. Any new purchaser of your home will be delighted to find this feature, and will become more appreciative as time passes. It is the most comfortable, noise-free heating you will ever experience.


The IQ FLOOR MAT has a twenty-five (25) year limited warranty against defects in design, material and workmanship.