The IQ THERMOSTAT is an integral part of the IQ FLOOR kits but purchased separately. The Instruction Manual for the IQ THERMOSTAT is found on this website. Your electrician will recognize this high-quality, technologically advanced, vital piece of equipment. Made by the established Danish company OJ Electronics in Belgium, it is essential for use with the IQ FLOOR heating systems. This is the best thermostat on the market. The IQ THERMOSTATS are featured at


For safety, each thermostat and service extender or 'power module' is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). There is absolutely no chance of electrical arcing or other dangers: an electrical circuit is tripped in the event of a power malfunction. An electrician can explain the process in more detail if requested.




The two main products are a programmable and a non-programmable thermostat. As well, a separate controller or 'power module' suitable for a large room or even a separate room is on offer for added convenience. Safety is guaranteed by GFCI, prized by electricians as the ultimate in protection for your IQ FLOOR system and a feature of these three products. 


Programmable IQ THERMOSTAT

Save money all week by adjusting your heat to your daily life. Each day has four change periods. Get out of bed to cozy heat. Lower it during the day, but be welcomed home by warmth. Home for the evening? Be comfortable until bedtime. Then sleep knowing that your money is not going up in smoke. Stay as snug as you wish, with or without fuzzy slip¬pers. The large display screen has both actual and set temperatures. Symbols make programming easy. Energy consumed in the past year appears at the push of a button: science and savings at a glance. You can also override a single event, or switch to manual control.


Non-programmable IQ THERMOSTAT

The hands-on person enjoys this thermostat. The homeowner can adjust the temperature of the IQ FLOOR system in the moment, at any time. It is so easy to use that you don't even have to look at the manual. There are no symbols to see, so it is a snap to operate. Have it your own way. It is an uncomplicated way to save money and enjoy your home with your family, friends, neighbours and other more-than-willing guests.


Power Module

Every minute can count in this busy world. Everyone has a pattern in the home. A power module, which has a GFCI and extends the power of either thermostat, is easy to install and requires no manual. Small amounts of time saved every day add up. Convenience is rewarding.


Place in the IQFLOOR systems.


The IQTHERMOSTAT has a sensor, which is positioned, usually in conduit, directly under your floor finishing material between two heating cable loops near the middle of the room. . This sensor turns power on or off instantly when the desired temperature which you set on the thermostat is being attained or met. .

The IQTHERMOSTAT is set flush with the wall, in a socket. The electrician who sets up the system can install and test the thermostat.




In the rare event of a failure of an IQ Thermostat, contact your IQWATT representative. A replacement thermostat will be sent to you immediately, and you should send the defective product to IQWATT. The IQ Thermostat has a three-year warranty.