Our products mitigate the effects of winter. Along with the beauty and recreational opportunities that winters bring, they present challenges to our physical comfort and the good state of repair of our homes. There are many pitfalls between fall and spring, and IQWATT products help the span of our harshest season in three main ways.



Save money when purchasing and operating your IQWATT products. Purchase prices and running costs of the systems, which provide comfort, safety and increased home equity, are low.  With the IQ FLOOR CABLE and IQ FLOOR MAT, the no-cost natural phenomenon of heated air rising naturally from the floor is leveraged to your advantage. With the IQ PIPE pipe freeze protection kit, the self-regulating heating cable, taped directly onto the pipe and then covered with preformed insulation, saves electricity. The pipe is heated: air is not heated in vast amounts, just to escape into space. Low electricity bills add to the satisfaction that the knowledge that your pipes are safe brings. Heat is restored to your pipe, and then the system immediately turns itself off. The savings add up as your sense of well-being increases.



All of the IQWATT products have substantial warrantees because they rarely fail. The IQ THERMOSTAT, made by OJ Microline, is the best in the business. IQWATT sends a replacement as soon as we are contacted, for up to three years from the date of purchase. The two IQ FLOOR products, IQ FLOOR MAT and IQ FLOOR CABLE, have limited twenty-five year replacement warrantees. The IQ PIPE self-regulating pipe freeze protection heating cable has a two-year limited warranty.  Once installed as directed, your products will serve you well.



Sound proven products can still be up-to-the-minute. There is nothing overly complex about IQWATT's products: everything that IQWATT distributes makes sense. There are no unnecessary moving parts or areas to clean or oil. Our IQWATT products are easy to understand, install and maintain. They offer the comfort and security of proven technology, in kits that are practical. Without fanfare or unnecessary bells and whistles, our products do the job. Problems solved. We make sure of it.