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Every family needs a warm, comfortable and healthy home.  When homeowners think about the best in heating systems for Canada’s unpredictable winters, however, affordability is a question. Sometimes, people can spend too much for too little in terms of comfort and efficiency. IQWATT has the answer.  Its new technology provides the ultimate in comfort at a lower initial cost, and more savings in maintenance and energy consumption as time goes by. IQWATT products are within most homeowners’ budgets.

IQWATT is a Canadian company.  Our severe winters make demands on our heating systems, and IQWATT dependable, proven products are up to the challenge. 


IQ FLOOR underfloor heating systems harness nature's properties. Heated air rises. With IQ FLOOR, heat rises gently from the floor. Air, perhaps accompanied by dust or molds, is not pushed through a room, wasting electricity needlessly. There are no squeaky fans. You can hear the quiet in a home equipped with IQ FLOOR underfloor heating systems.

IQ FLOOR MAT and IQ FLOOR CABLE kits, when installed as directed, add comfort and value to a home. There are no moving parts that need oiling or cleaning. The 25-year limited warranty attests to the confidence that IQWATT has in its products. Once the IQ FLOOR MAT or IQ FLOOR CABLE kit has been installed and turned on, it becomes one of the most valued and trouble-free systems in a home.


IQ THERMOSTAT optimizes energy savings through extreme sensitivity to heating levels. Set temperatures are reached and maintained without excess use of power. Made by the brand leader OJ Electronics of Denmark, a fifty-year-old company with a manufacturing facility in Belgium, and with two choices of stellar products to choose from, the IQ Thermostats have a 3-year immediate replacement warranty in the unlikely event of failure.


IQ PIPE for outdoor as well as indoor use, is a self-regulating pipe freeze protection system. In total contact with a pipe, the electricity remains turned off unless the pipe loses heat. The replacement of heat is instant: two wires in the heating cable become active along the whole length of the pipe, and then shut off when the pipe is reheated. At a low initial price point and low energy use, the preassembled IQ PIPE kit pays for itself in protecting pipes from freezing and in the priceless commodity of a homeowner's peace of mind. A 2-year limited warranty against defects is exemplary for this reasonably-priced product.


More details on IQWATT products are available on the "Products" and "Installation Manuals" sections of this website.


Distinguishing Features of the IQWATT Brand


Affordability is the first feature. The price point of IQWATT products is lower than any other brand in Canada. Comparison is invited.


Dependability is the second feature. Proven throughout Canada, IQWATT products deliver benefits reliably. The low price points, energy use and maintenance costs are an added bonus. Limited warranties of 25 years for IQFLOOR kits, 3 years for IQ THERMOSTATS, and 2 years for the IQPIPE kit demonstrates our company's confidence in our products.


Customer service is the third feature. We are a new company. Our customers are precious to us. You will have immediate responses to your questions. It is part of the IQWATT package. We are establishing our reputation and want to make your experience with our company a building block. We are proud and pleased to provide service to you.