060220142241Pipe Freeze Protection

Layering is the most efficient way for people to dress in winter. We can stay warm in the coldest temperatures. 

The IQ PIPE self-regulating pipe freeze protection system uses this exact principle.  A Canadian winter can be a beautiful experience, and we have the know-how make frozen and burst pipes a spoiler. 

In the IQ PIPE preassembled self-regulation freeze protection system, a plastic or metal pipe first has a heating cable attached snugly. The next layer is preformed insulation, with a thickness of ½” minimum, usually mad of foam and with or without a vapour barrier. The last layer may be waterproof fiberglass or other inflammable tape.

Heat generated by the electric, self-regulating heating cable warms the pipe. Preformed insulation of only 1” thickness is successfully used for temperatures as low as -20°C, or -4°F. The insulation keeps the heat close to the pipe: the self-regulating cable, which responds sensitively to the drop in temperature, turns on for the shortest time possible to do the job of protecting the pipe from freezing.

Dressed properly, we can stay outside and enjoy the visual beauties of winter. Colours and snowy landscapes are even more enjoyable when a hike, snowboarding or ski excursion, or skating is on offer. We could not do these activities with as much ease and comfort without our well-engineered equipment and garments. The efficient self-regulation IQ PIPE freeze protection kit is somewhat the same as our clothing, in that it keeps the heat generated close, where it is needed. 

If there is the possibility of contact with water, the winter adventurer uses a waterproof outer layer. This is the same with the IQPIP self-regulating system. Some insulation has a waterproof barrier, or the homeowner can wrap the system, which includes a pipe, heating cable with end seal, power cord, plug and applied insulation, in waterproof tape to keep water away. 

Frozen or burst pipes can result in propery damage. Meet the challenges of winter. Transition into the spring, worry free. The IQ PIPE pipe freeze protection system comes preassembled, with a heating cable, end seal, power cord and plug. It can be attached to metal or plastic water pipes. The installation manual is in the box, or on this website. It offers first-rate protection for pipes subjected to low temperatures. Sherlock Holmes is not the only one to find perfect solutions to complex problems.