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Pipe Freeze Protection Kits


The IQ PIPE self-regulating pipe freeze protection kit takes the worry out of winter. Preassembled with a heating cable, end seal, power cord and plug, the IQPIPE kit restores heat that is lost by pipes during cold temperatures. Your bank account is safe when you invest in low-cost IQ PIPE freeze protection kits. Two wires in the cable, which is installed along the pipe and under ½" of inflammable, rigid insulation, constantly monitor heat loss and instantly, as soon as the temperature in the pipe drops, restore heat. Purchasers of the kits can sleep like bears. No vigilance is needed to make sure that pipes will remain unfrozen. Installed as directed in the Installation Manual, and maintained regularly for disturbances by curious animals, construction projects or severe weather effects, your IQ PIPE will see you through cold spells all winter long. A little foresight will preserve your comfort, your pipes and your property.

Installation Pointers

  • Our Installation Manual will guide you. Step-by-step instructions will take you from product selection to functioning system, with attention to techniques, details and danger points. It is not a difficult process, and the future benefits for your immediate investment are significant.

  • The IQ PIPE freeze protection system is for both residential and commercial settings. The minimum length of pipe eligible is 3'. Pipe length, diameter and material determine the cable will be needed in order to choose product length and voltage: cables are available in 120 and 240 volts. The cables can be doubled back on or looped around the pipe: the cables' insulation allows for this feature.

  • Metal pipes must be completely smooth before installation starts. Plastic pipes must be wrapped in aluminum tape. For both types of pipe, the IQ PIPE system must be wrapped in waterproof inflammable tape after ½" rigid insulation has been applied if there is a chance that contact with water might occur.

  • Once the installation is completed ten warning labels must be applied to inform the public of the presence of the electric cable. The circuit to which the system is attached must bear a label on the circuit, which must have a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).


There is a two-year limited warranty for your IQ PIPE system if a defect in design, material or workmanship has been identified. IQWATT will send a replacement to a location convenient for you. IQWATT has confidence in the IQ PIPE kits and their efficacy, and offer the warranty as a testimonial to their confidence.