To Trade Partners


Our whole supply chain, from designers of the products to the purchaser who installs the IQWATT products in order to live more comfortably and increase the value or a home or business, is a seamless enterprise.  The delivery of the product and the satisfaction of the end users are dependent upon cooperation, openness and good work habits. IQWATT treats partners with seriousness and consideration. Everyone has to profit from being involved in the process. Our CEO, Andrey Kozlov, maintains a constant dialogue with all of our partners to ensure that there is fairness and mutual appreciation of what we are doing. Business is business, but in the end fair policies win out. 

We invite you to contact Mr. Kozlov. If you would like to play a part in providing customers with a dependable product at an affordable price point do not hesitate to contact us. Mr. Kozlov is open to ideas. This is what makes our venture interesting and enjoyable. Drudgery wears people out. Invest your energies with a company that is sure of our product, and that values the well-being of our distributers. We are standing by. Go for it!